Our Ambitions

The Need

Let’s face it; the recruitment market doesn’t work.

Candidates with perfect matching to job descriptions are rejected before the interview. Talents, who clearly know which company they would love to work for, never get a chance to tell it to their HR Managers. Head hunters are asking for fees to simply meet candidates.

Talents recruited by a company are leaving after few months, realizing that it is not the right environment for them.

Let’s face it; the recruitment market doesn’t work.

The Belief

We believe the essentials to make a successful professional are: talent, skills, training, and the right fit with the organization.

We believe that if John is a star in company “A”, he might be an underperforming employee in company “B”. We are also sure that Maria, who has been working for six years in the same organization, could be even more successful if her effort could be put behind the brand she loves, the leadership who truly inspires her, and the company with which she shares the same values.

We believe it is easier to learn aptitude than to change attitude. We believe that attitude speaks louder.

The Mission

GOGODAVE was founded with a rebellious spirit and an ambitious plan to connect professionals with the company that speaks to them and to offer corporations a pool of talents with unique attitude.

How it Works?


You are a professional with a track record of success in your career. You are good in your job, and you have the possibility to grow in your organization, but inside you know. You know that you want more.

The years of experience made it clear what environment is ideal for you to perform at your best. Balance between career and life. Dress code. Standard of work. Brand. Operation type. Management style. You have your view on all of these.

You know the most important thing, indeed.

You know the name of the organization for which you want to work.

Go for it.

Company Partners

You believe the best employees are the ones fully connected with the company, its assets, and its way of working. You believe hiring for attitude and training for skills is something more than a nice sentence.

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