Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

GOGODAVE is the first portal connecting professional talents with their number 1 company choice. It is an online platform where professionals can (1) select the company that “speaks to them”, (2) explain what makes it special, and (3) upload a document sharing some businesses improvement ideas. These 3 steps allow Company Partners to identify candidates, who have a genuine interest in working for their organization, and, at the same time, to receive valuable insights on the company’s perception and improvements.
Because you think recruitment should focus first on attitude and second on skills. Because, in your mind, it is clear that talent is in the DNA and skills emerge in the right environment. Because you know the environment in which you want to work, if you are a member, and the people you would like to join your organization, if you are a Company Partner.
They are the bones and soul of GOGODAVE.

Members: Professionals who have already maturated few years of experience and have a clear understanding of what work environment will bring them to perform their best. Talents who have 1 company that speaks to them louder than any other.

Company Partners: Employees of the companies listed on GOGODAVE website. They work in any professional field within the organization, and they are keen to hear about talents, who identify their organization as their number 1 company for which to work.
It is “the company”, the organization, which attracts you the most as the number 1 employer. Specialized publications are full of company rankings, but there is no perfect or best company. Each professional is different and what appeals Jane might be irritating for Vasilij. The leadership able to better motivate Emma will not lead Catherine to achieve her best performance. The company that speaks to you is the one with a DNA (from product to company culture) that is the closest to your way of being.
Company Partners need to request Member approval to have access to his/her contact details and personal information. In submitting the approval request, it is important to specify the reason (an open position available, a freelance job, a cooperation….) why contact details are requested.
No commission fee is asked to Members nor to the companies. The service is free.
No, it is not. It is biased and can be updated directly by GOGODAVE Members. To be listed on GOGODAVE, a company should have 1) a strong company equity, 2) more than 1’000 employees, and 3) revenues over USD 100 M.

Legal questions

Members’ top line profile will be visible to any employee of the selected company that has GOGODAVE access. No personal data, work history, or contact details will be visible before Member approval is released to a specific request. Company Partners, working in organizations in the same industry, will be only able to see Members’ top line profile. Further details can be achieved only upon approval process.
Member’s personal details are visible only to Company Partners upon member’s approval.
Because, we believe there is a need to go beyond the standard recruitment process and to simplify it. We believe the hiring manager should be the first to identify talent to join his team. We acknowledge that many talents cannot even arrive at the interview process, where they could prove their skills to the person, who is recruiting. We further know the difficulty for managers in the process of recruiting to find the right candidate for the position.
To protect Members’ privacy. GOGODAVE model allows all employees of the company selected to see Members’ interest for the organization. The desire to work for another company could be harmful for the career of a Member within his current organization, and the decision to release his/her personal information should be taken by the Member, directly upon request of a Company Partner.
Intellectual property of “prove it” is owned by the Member who submitted.
All the documents are stored on GOGODAVE’s server with restricted access.

Members questions

Didn’t you try that option already?
Are you sure the person, who could really understand best your commitment and skills, had the chance to review your dossier or ideas? With GOGODAVE, multiple company partners of the organization that “speaks to you” will be able to consult your “prove it.” Furthermore, companies are also ensured that the talent has a genuine interest in working for them.
They are not, but are highly recommended to increase your equity in the eyes of Company Partners. You can, however, save your progresses and complete each section at a different time.
To facilitate you. Your background can be easily imported, avoiding filling a form.
Yes. Following a simple guideline. 1) Ensure it is not already present, 2) Insert the group and not the specific brand/division, 3) The organization should have a strong company equity, more than 1’000 employees, and revenues over USD 100 M.
If this is your question, you have probably not found the company that “speaks to you.” However, we understand that situations can evolve, people can change, and companies, as well. After 12 months, you will receive a notification, asking you to confirm your choice. In case of a wrong selection, you can contact GOGODAVE’s team to reset your account.

Company questions

To sign in as a Company Partner, it is necessary that the organization for which you work is listed on GOGODAVE. After you select your company, out of the list, you need to sign in, using your corporate email.
Absolutely not. All the employees of the companies listed on GOGODAVE can sign in and discover the pool of talents, who want to work for your organization, present on GOGODAVE.
It is possible as a tailored service, obtainable by contacting GOGODAVE team. To request this service, the Company Partner should have the authorization to act on behalf of his organization.
Once you signed in, you can see the top line description of the talents, their answers to the survey where they explain what makes this organization special to them, and the document they uploaded as “prove it.”
For the Members, who selected competition as number 1 company choice, it is still possible to see the top line information, while for access to their “explain” and “prove it” documentation, it is necessary to have approval from the member.
Each Company Partner can select up to 3 competitive companies (out the ones listed on GOGODAVE) in the dashboard. The decision to have customized competitive companies is driven by the fact that the relevancy of competitors can change within an organization, based on the Company Partner’s professional field and geography.
In the Company Partner dashboard, there are a series of filters that can be applied to Members like: professional field, years of experience, top line description.