A three step process to bring you one step closer to
the company you want to work for.


Brands, company culture, leadership, career paths are some of the factors that drive appeal to some companies more than others. If you could choose one, only one company as your most desired place to work, would you have doubts? If you don’t, start by telling them.


You have your reasons, share them… they do want to hear it.
Why it is so appealing to you? Out of all possible companies, why did you choose that one?
Show your acumen, share your reasons, and build your equity.

Prove it!

Attitude speaks louder, but your aptitude is a value you can bring. Sample what you can do for the company you want to work for. Share your ideas of how to improve the business; explain what you can bring to build future success together.

Start Your Journey!

Select the industry that “speaks to you”.


Dave is a successful marketing manager for an international FMCG.
In seven years, he has already been promoted 3 times.

He is passionate about branding, but one brand in particular speaks to him louder than the others. He selected Diageo because Johnnie Walker is the brand for him.

He has a proposal on how to keep the famous keep walking tagline alive in a more restricted environment.

Estella at Diageo is looking for a marketer to join her team. She surfs in GOGODAVE and sees the proposal Dave prepared, as well as the reason behind his desire to work there.

To: Dave
From: Estella Diageo MKT Director
Subject: Request details
TEXT: Wow! I would like to hear a bit more about you.

Diana is a customer service director for an international hotel chain. She likes her job and she is great at doing it.

Her passion for automotive roars loudly inside of her. One brand in particular does it louder than others do. She uses GOGODAVE selecting BMW.

Her prove it section is a 3 PowerPoint slide explaining how to reapply some hotelier standards to Automotive customer service.

John is an analyst at BMW and knows that his VP is looking for somebody to boost the customer experience. He shows him the essay by Diana.

To: Diana
From: Dirk, BMW VP
Subject: Request details
TEXT: We were impressed by your "prove it". We would like to hear more from you.

Howard is a finance manager for an international company. His personal objective is to make the finance function more strategic.

He needs to recruit a person for his team to be in charge of reporting and consolidation, but all the CVs he received from HR do not seem to fit with his objective.

He logs into GOGODAVE, filtering amongst the candidates and checks profiles and “prove it" documents uploaded. The most impressive is somebody willing to work for a direct competitor.

"I am not an accountant, I am a strategic financial professional" is the description catching his eyes. A "prove it" highlights some company challenges that the talent identified from the annual report.

From: Howard, Finance Manager
Subject: Request details
TEXT: I would really like to know more about you. Even though you did not indicate our company as your favourite, I trust we can have an interesting discussion.

Anna has a history working for corporations, but she has spent the last 2 years working as a strategic advisor.
One of her strengths is bringing a company to focus on its core identity.

She does believe that, "X", a company in the telecommunication sector, is moving away from its core business and from its mission.

She uses GOGODAVE to share her vision, supported by examples and other historical cases, to the company partners of "X".

Dima, the Strategy VP for company "X", is not fully convinced of Anna’s conclusions, but he is very much captured by the way she built her thesis.

To: Anna
From: Dima, Company "X" VP
Subject: Request details
TEXT: I carefully read your analysis and I would like to know if you would be interested in exploiting, using real company data, as a consultancy project.

"Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude."
Zig Ziglar